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Sanctuary Church Carpet

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Your church sanctuary is one of the most active areas of your church. First time visitors will view this area as a symbol of what your church is like. Having a nice sanctuary is crucial to the growth of your church. When considering new carpet for your santuary, you should consider the color, construction, and durability as being the most important factors. We will do our best to get the most "bang for your buck" to help your church save money on new sanctuary carpet. We offer custom colors to match whatever pew and paint colors you may have in your church. There are minimum yardage requirements for custom colors depending on the type of carpet you choose.

Give us a call at 800-772-7090 to discuss your sanctuary carpet needs.

Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Muslin
Sanctuary - Masonic Blue

Custom Colors Available
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Masonic Blue
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Church Red
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Plum
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Deep Teal
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Mauve
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Burgandy
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Forest Green
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Royal Purple
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Hunter Green
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Wine
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Royal Blue
Church Carpet - Sanctuary - Pale Blue
Multiple Constructions Available
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We custom manufacture this church carpet to your specifications. The colors provided are our set color lines which we have found to meet most church color schemes. We can make these church carpet colors in a variety of cut pile nylon carpet finishes and ounce weights. You will not find these church carpets in your local market. We manufacture them ourselves to save you the most money possible. If you need a custom color, please send us a piece of material or paint chip that you are trying to match. We will then provide you a sample of the closest possible custom matched carpet color for your church. The price for these sanctuary carpets depends on the amount of carpet your church needs. This variable cost is due to the dyeing cost, ounce weight, and construction used. We will gladly send you a sample so you can see the options and colors available. Please give us an opportunity to consult with you on the best carpet for your church. We take great pride in being able to provide the most afordable church carpets in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call 800-772-7090 To Discuss Your Church Carpet

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