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Aqua Hospitality Carpets

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Aqua Hospitality Carpet

Aqua Hospitality Carpets are made in a wide variety of patterns, constructions, and backings with specific settings in mind. Aqua Hospitality Carpet is used in commercial applications such as office buildings, medical facilities, government buildings, churches, schools, retail operations, industrial facilities, and many other high traffic heavy use environments. With today’s technology the options are almost unlimited.

Aqua Hospitality carpets can usually be customized for larger projects to fit specific quality and endurance factors as needed. Custom Aqua Hospitality Carpets are available for airports, convention centers, restaurants, and many other applications.

Caldwell Carpet can supply contractors and property owners with the hospitality carpet of their choice. A Specified Aqua Hospitality Carpet taken from architect or designer plans may require prior approval to provide a bid.

Caldwell Carpet has the unique ability to source and provide hospitality carpets from a wide variety of hospitality carpet manufacturers. Job specific bids often require additional information other than just the manufacturer, style, color, and quantity. Most of the time hospitality carpet manufacturers require that we provide them with the job name, job location, and the name of the architect or designer who specified the product before we are allowed to quote the price. Many hospitality carpets have minimum quantity requirements, while others are available in small quantities.

Please give us a call at 800-772-7090 to discuss your hospitality carpet needs.