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What you need to know about Binding an Area Rug


Caldwell Carpet offers Custom Area Rugs and the most common question we receive is what is the difference between Binding and Serging. Hopefully this information will give our customers a better understanding of Binding compared to Serging. Binding or Serging around the edges is very important because it keeps the area rug from unraveling and fraying.

Binding is the process of sewing binding tape to the edges of carpet in order to make it an area rug. There are literally thousands of binding tape colors to choose from, but we usually match colors that are already in the carpet unless the customer wants a specific color. Binding has one big disadvantage to Serging. The problem with binding is that if a stitch is torn or comes loose the binding could actually fall off of the edges of the rug.

Most binding uses a 1" tape, but you can also use a
Binding Wrap to create a custom border.