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Bliss Finespun Carpet

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Bliss Carpet Bliss Indulgence Carpet

Buy Bliss Finespun Carpet at Wholesale / Discount Prices from Caldwell Carpet. Bliss Finespun Carpet is a super soft and durable 12 foot wide plush carpet collection. This carpet is part of the Bliss Indulgence Carpet. Finespun is made with Solution Dyed Filament Nylon which makes this carpet extrememly durable and easy to clean. This Bliss Carpet features Bliss Magic Fresh Carpet Treatment which will reduce all common household odors and will last for the life of the carpet.

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Bliss Finespun Price
$2.37/sq.ft. = $21.33/sq.yd.
Quantity Discounts Available

12' Wide Cut Pile Carpet
100% Solution Dyed Filament Nylon
Wrinkle Guard High Pick Polypropylene
Scotchgard Stain Protection
Magic Fresh Carpet Treatment
Made In America
Lifetime Stain / Soil /
Fade Resistance Warranty
25 Year Durability / Texture Retention /
Manufacturing Defects Warranty
10 Year No Wrinkle Warranty
45 Days "No Questions Asked" Warranty
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 01 Bleached Linen
01 Bleached Linen
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 02 Faded Denim
02 Faded Denim
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 03 Warm Wool
03 Warm Wool
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 04 Colonade
04 Colonade
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 05 Spun Silk
05 Spun Silk
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 06 Ships Canvas
06 Ships Canvas
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 07 Weathered Burlap
07 Weathered Burlap
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 08 Soft Fleece
08 Soft Fleece
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 09 Brushed Suede
09 Brushed Suede
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 10 Flax Seed
10 Flax Seed
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 11 Natural Fibers
11 Natural Fibers
Bliss Finespun Carpet - 12 Oriental Tapestry
12 Oriental Tapestry
Perma Soft Nylon
Perma Soft
Nylon Fiber
Scotchgard Stain Protection
Stain Protection
Wrinkle Guard Carpet Backing
Wrinkle Guard
Carpet Backing
Bliss Magic Fresh Carpet Treatment
Bliss Magic Fresh Carpet Treatment
Made In America
Made In America

Bliss Premium
Carpet Pad

Bliss Carpet

$0.77/sq.ft. = $6.93/sq.yd.

3/8" Thick - 10lb Pad
270 sq.ft. = 30 sq.yd.

Antimicrobial Protection
Doubles Your Bliss Carpet's
Texture Retention Warranty

Bliss Premium Carpet Pad - Green