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Saving money when you buy carpet is always a good idea. Everyone wants to save money on their carpet purchase. Buying your carpet from Caldwell Carpet will definately save you some money. The big question is how do you want to go about saving money on your carpet purchase. Caldwell Carpet offers Wholesale / Discount Carpet Prices on all major carpet manufacturers. You can shop locally for your favorite brand, style, and color of carpet. Write down the Manufacturer, Style Name & Number, Color Name & Number and then give us a call for the best price on that exact same carpet. We will assist you in finding a local qualified carpet installer. This is probably the easiest way to save money when you buy carpet. We can also send you samples of the carpets we feature on our website. These carpets are great "Bang for the Buck" values that we have found from various manufacturers. If you are shopping for a commercial carpet that you need a lot of, then we may be able to custom manufacture a carpet to meet your needs. Buying carpet in quantity changes the ballgame when it comes to shopping. We can use the manufacturers against each other when you buy a large volume of a specific type of carpet. We will negotiate the price when you buy carpet in quantity and pass the savings on to you. Buying carpet is easy when you buy from Caldwell Carpet. We are your friends in the business, and will work hard on your behalf to save you as much money as possible. Look around our website and you will find many great carpet deals that you can buy at Wholesale / Discount Prices. When you buy carpet from Caldwell Carpet you know that you just saved money on your carpet purchase. If you need assistance buying carpet, you will find the Caldlwell family experienced, knowledgable, and friendly. Don't hesitate to call on us with questions about how to buy carpet. We are here when you need us. Give us a call today !