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Bliss Premium Carpet Pad

Wholesale / Discount Bliss Premium Carpet Pad

Bliss Carpet

Bliss Premium Carpet Pad is a great polyurethane carpet pad for those seaking a healthier alternative pad. This is an excellent carpet padding choice for those with small children, large pets, or who entertain on a regular basis. Bliss Carpet Pad comes with an Antimicrobial treatment that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Bliss Premium
Carpet Pad

Bliss Carpet

$0.77/sq.ft. = $6.93/sq.yd.

3/8" Thick - 10lb Pad
270 sq.ft. = 30 sq.yd.

Antimicrobial Protection
Doubles Your Bliss Carpet's
Texture Retention Warranty

Bliss Premium Carpet Pad - Green
Bliss Premium Specifications

Made In America
Made In America

Frothed Polyurethan Memory Foam Made of visco-elastic memory foam, Bliss Premium is one of the most durable and finest quality carpet cushion available today. Its dense, mucro-cellular structure acts like millions of tiny shock absorbers cushioning every step while extending the new appearance and life of your carpet.
Breathable Moisture Barrier Bliss Premium Foam acts as a breathable moisture barrier similar to a high-performance sports fabric, stopping water and liquid spills while allowing moisture vapor from beneath to pass through and evaporate. This feature protects your home and sub-floors while making clean-up easier.
Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified Your assurance of the very best indoor air quality; Bliss Premium is one of the only carpet cushion that is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified passing the most stringent off-gassin criteria for low emitting building products. Certified safe for children's areas.
Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Protection Providing Protection against mold, mildew and bacteria, Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial is your assurance of a healthy, odor-free home. Other carpet padding can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and mold creating an unhealthy indoor environment.
Made With Natural Resources Bliss Premium incorporates eco-friendly soybean oil replacing an equal amount of fossil fuel petrochemicals. This reduces both global warming amissions and foreign oil usage while supporting farmers and local producers.
Double Carpet Warranty Doubles your Bliss Carpet's warranty! Not only do you receive a lifetime Bliss Premium Pad warranty but also Bliss Premium doubles the texture retention warranty of any Bliss Carpet installed over Bliss Premium Padding.