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TredMOR 2580 Carpet Pad

Buy TredMOR 2580 Carpet Pad

Tred-Mor Carpet Pad

TredMOR has been a common name in the flooring industry since 1985. No matter where you go, chances are your will end up experiencing the comfort of TredMOR Synthetic Rubber Carpet Cushion. TredMOR 2580 is designed to withstand high level of foot traffic without "bottoming out". Tred-MOR 2580 is a rubber carpet carpet cushion that will help add many years to the lifetime of the carpet. Today you will find TredMOR 2580 on every continent, installed in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and movie theaters.

Tred-MOR 2580 is made with Guardian Antimicrobial Treatment. Guardian is a treatment that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria. This ensures that your carpet will look and feel fresh.

TredMOR 2580
Rubber Carpet Pad

0.250" Thick
80 oz/sq.yd. = 26lb Density
Sold In Full Rolls Only
270 sq.ft. = 30 sq.yds.

Guardian Antimicrobial Protection
Synthetic Rubber Carpet Pad
Eligible For LEED Credit

TredMOR 2500 Carpet Pad

Ounce Weight
26 lbs.
Roll Size
30 sq.yd.
Roll Size
60' x 54"
Shipping Wgt.
155 Lbs
Commercial: Limited
-Life of Carpet
Pill Test
(DOC-FF, 1-70)


Styrene Butadiene Rubber
It's SAFE because it's PURE.
Synthetic Rubber is a high-strength cushioning material that most industry experts consider to be superior to regular carpet cushion in longevity and performance.

SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) is the vital ingrediant in Tred-Mor Rubber Carpet Cushion. Not only does it make this pad environmentally safe and air-friendly, but it's simply the strongest - providing unmatched comfort and durability and long-lasting performance.

SBR, interestingly enough, is used in chewing gum to give it its firm chewing quality. What better testimony to the non-toxic quality of SBR?

SBR is an ideal bonding agent for affixing carpet fibers to carpet backing, while also providing added resiliency to the carpet itself. The carpet industry has long recognized the value of this important ingredient.

Because SBR is mildew-resistant, rubber cushion will not promote the growth of mold or mildew when installed on-slab or below grade, where moisture and soil tend to accumulate.

Because SBR is stable, it creates and inseperable bond between the components of synthetic rubber cushion to maintain the quality through years of use.

Products developed with SBR have excellent aging properties to prevent crumbling and maintain elasticity. Additionally, the Radiant Professionals Alliance recommends high-density carpet cushion with radiant-heated floors.

Built To Last
Rubber cushion will maintain its resiliency and performance for years of comfort, durability, and carpet protection.

The Radiant Professionals Alliance approves and recommends Rubber Carpet Cushion as the superior choice for radiant-heated flooring.

  • Lowest Available R-Values
  • Made using 100% Synthetic Rubber
  • Allows The Most Heat Transfer
  • Will Not Deteriorate Due To Heat
  • Superior Resiliency
  • Protects Your Carpet Longer

Radiant Heat Comparisons