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Carpet Price Increases

Manufacturer Price Increases Coming 2017

We are getting letters from various carpet manufacturers telling us to expect 2% - 12% price increases with effective dates starting in early January going throughout the year. Specific increases are determined by product and are dependent on the fiber type, ounce weight, and backing material. To most carpet stores this isn't a big issue as they have set their margin high enough to absorb any of these small increases.

However, we in the wholesale business with our drastically lower profit margins must stay on top of things to let our customers know that today's price may be a little different than tomorrow's price.

Caldwell Carpet wants you to stay ahead of the game and know about price changes when purchasing your carpet. Carpet Prices are effected by Crude Oil price fluctuations, real gas prices, certain chemical prices, and other material costs. Anytime you see gas prices begin to rise, there are carpet price increases in the works. The mills give us advanced notice of coming price increases to give us the opportunity to inform our regular buyers, as well as perspective customers.

Mill: Effective: Increase:
Mohawk 04/29/17 2 - 5%
Royalty 05/15/17 2 - 5%
Camelot 05/15/17 2 - 5%
Dixie Home 05/26/17 3 - 5%
Shaw 05/26/17 4 - 7%
Beaulieu 05/27/17 3 - 6%
Kraus 05/29/17 3 - 5%
Phenix 05/29/17 3 - 6%
Marquis 06/01/17 2 - 4%
Lexmark 06/05/17 3 - 6%

Please Call 800-772-7090 to Discuss Carpet Price Increases.