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Stanton Carpet Warranties

Warranties for Stanton Carpet

Stanton Carpet

Printed Carpet Warranty

10 Year Limited Wear Warranty
Carpet (Excluding Stairs) is warranted for normal wear not to experience more than 10% Surface fiber loss for the term of the warranty. Normal wear covers surface fiber loss only, not wear and damage from crushing, matting, cuts, tears, pulls, piling, shedding, staining, soiling, fading, burns, pets, improper installation of cleaning. Carpet area will be repaired or replaced according to warranty stipulations. Purchaser must submit notice of all claims under this warranty to Stanton Carpet Corp. within the specified warranty period.

For Your Information
Shading, also referred to as watermarking, roll crush or reverse pile, can occur on all tufted materials whether, cut or loop, which is an inherent effect on the product regardless of fiber or quality. The cause is unknown, and the rate of incidence is unpredictable despite extensive industry research. Further, there is no method to make it occur or likewise a method of prevention, and therefor is not considered to be a manufacturing defect. As a result, claims will not be considered for this condition. Normal foot traffic and frequent, thorough vacuuming should improve this condition.

As with any textile, actual pattern repeats may vary slightly from the published pattern repeat. Additionally, product widths may vary slightly from the published widths.

The pattern on these products is over-printed after tufting. Pattern will not run true with rows; therfore, these goods cannot be "row cut". Consult our printd carpet installation instructions before cutting & installing. Products are printed on the face only. As such, these styles are not recommended for stair installations

Due to the fact that these are printed products, bow / skew tolerance in the width and length could be up to 1.7", anything up to or less than this will be cosidered within normal manufacturing tolerance for this product. Complete installation instructions are provided with each shipment.

Recommended for conventional tack and pad installation over a firm dense pad, such as synthetic felt.

For optimum side match and finished seam appearance, this product should be installed with the seams running perpendicular to major (outside) lighting sources.

No claim will be considered on carpet that is cut or installed with visible defects or installed with pattern mismatch.

We do not warranty broadloom carpet on stair installations, and as such we will not honor claims on such installations.

Chair mats are recommended under office chairs with rollar casters to preserve appearance and act as a deterrent towards accelerated wear.

Give your carpet the normal protection from direct sunlight that your would give to any colored fabric. Fading can be caused by emissions from heating fuels or chemicals such as pesticides, houshole cleaning agents and other household items.

Due to variations in dye lot, actual carpet colors may vary

Specifications may vary within normal industry tolerance.