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MISSION STATEMENT: The International Certified Floorcovering Installers Association is an organization of flooring professionals whose purpose is to identify, train and certify flooring installers according to skill and knowledge and to provide the Industry with educational programs that enhance the ultimate goal of CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

We feel confident in recommending CFI certified carpet installers to our customers because we know that through education and training a general carpet layer can become a good carpet installer. And, with continued training, practice, and experience a certified carpet installer can become a PROFESSIONAL Certified Carpet Installer who you can count on to do a good job on any carpet installation that he is certified to do.

The thing to remember about CFI Certified Carpet Installers is the level of certification. We feel confident in recommending R-II C-II or MASTER level carpet installers. These installers have the experience and knowledge to do almost any carpet installation that you can imagine. They have invested in training and certification to a point where they take their business serious, and in general you will find them to go above and beyond in customer service and perfection of the installation methods used in your carpet installation.

CFI offers training and certification classes throughout the year and across the nation. They maintain a database of certified installers around the country whom you may contact directly to inquire about their services. Many of these certified carpet installers are the same installers your local carpet stores use when they sell carpet including pad and installation. The local retail store will mark up the installation labor for added profits. By contacting the carpet installer directly, you are cutting out the middle man, and increasing the amount of money you will save when buying your carpet from Caldwell Carpet at wholesale / discount carpet prices and then using an installer to install your carpet at the true carpet installation cost instead of the marked up installation cost you will get from your local retailer.

CFI Offers Training in All These Areas