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Cheap Carpet Pad

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Caldwell Carpet has been in the Cheap Carpet Pad business since 1974.

Cheap Carpet Pads are available for those who do not care about warranty. These cheap carpet pad options include factory irregular, promotional carpet pads, freight damaged carpet pads, sub-standard quality carpet pads, low density pads, and closeout carpet pads.

While we do not promote using low density carpet pads, many stores and installers will use these as cost cutting measures to improve thier profits. This is fine in low end rental properties, but not if you are going to put it in your own house. Please keep in mind that using these cheap carpet pads can void your carpet warranties if it does not meet the manufacturers minimum specifications for acceptable carpet pads.

The carpet pads we feature on our Cheap Carpet Pad page are examples of cheap carpet pads that we can get on a regular basis. They may or may not be available for immediate shipment. Please call and check stock on the Cheap Carpet Pad of your choice to insure availability.

You Must Call 800-772-7090 To Get Current Cheap Carpet Pad Prices .

Cheap Carpet Pad

Healthier Choice White 10lb Carpet Pad
White 1/2"
Healthier Choice Green 10lb Carpet Pad
Green 7/16"
Healthier Choice Gold 10lb Carpet Pad
Gold 3/8"
Healthier Choice Blue 10lb Carpet Pad
Blue 5/16"
Healthier Choice Beige 10lb Carpet Pad
Beige 1/4"
Healthier Choice Carpet Pad

Standard Carpet Pad Options

Rebond Carpet Pad
Carpet Pads

RUBBER Carpet Pad
Carpet Pads

Synthetic Carpet Pad
Carpet Pads

Polyurethane Carpet Pad
Carpet Pads