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Choosing Carpet

Choosing Carpet can be a daunting task for the average consumer. Typically, an end user buys carpet two to three times in their life replacing their carpet on average every 12 years. Carpet has evolved tremendously over the past 50 years. There area always new yarn systems, new carpet constructions, new tufting methods, new back materails, new stain protections, and the list goes on. Thus, every time a consumer goes out to buy carpet, they are faced with new types of carpet, new choices, and an endless supply of products from which to make their selection. Hopefully with our many years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of carpet, we can help you make sense out of all the different carpet choices available on the market today.

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Advantages of Carpet

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Carpet offers more design options in color, pattern, texture, comfort, ease of maintenance, warmth and comfort than any other flooring option. It is also the most affordable choice when it comes to floorcovering. You can create a family friendly space using carpet cheaper than you can use any other type of flooring. Anyone who has scratched a wood floor knows there are some major advantages to having carpet in their home.

Why would I want carpet in my home ?
• Carpet is Soft, Warm, and Quiet
• Carpet offers more colors and design options
• Carpet is almost 3 times more affordable
• Carpet is replaced easier, faster, and cheaper


Carpet Types

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Choosing the Type of Carpet you want in your home or office is the first thing you should decide. Plush Carpet is the typical standard carpet that first comes to mind. There is also Berber Carpet which has become a household choice considered to be durable, forgiving, and often provides a multi-colored design that hides small flecks of dirt. Some of the other types include Printed Pattern Carpets, Shag Carpets, Tip Sheared or Cut Uncut Pattern Carpets, and the newest craze Frize Carpet. Often Commercial Loop Carpets are called Indoor / Outdoor Carpet. With all these choices, there are advantages and disadvantages. Click the heading for a detailed description of each Type of Carpet.


Carpet Fibers

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Carpet Fibers have made leaps and bounds in durability and stain resistance over the past 50 years. Gone are the days when a small spill of soda cleaned immediately will ruin your new carpet. There are several diffent types of yarn used in manufacturing todays carpet including the typical Nylon, Wool, Polyester, and Olefin carpet fibers. However, there have been great advances in the technology of making carpet fiber. Stainmaster Nylon Carpet is the best known carpet fiber on the market. There are also Anso Nylon Carpets and Wear Dated Nylon Carpets. Wool Carpet is the oldest type of carpet fiber in existance. Polyester Carpet offers great bang for the buck performance. Olefin Carpet is widely used in Berber Carpet or Commercial Loop Carpet.


Carpet Stains

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Carpet Stains are one of the biggest concerns consumers have when shopping for carpet. However, todays carpets are far superior to the carpets your parents had in their homes. Each type of staining agent has a specific method of cleaning, which often depends on the type of carpet fiber used in the carpet. There are some great resources available to help you figure out the best method of cleaning a particular stain in your carpet. Click the heading of this section for more detailed information about carpet stains and removing carpet stains.


Carpet Durability

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Carpet Durability figures to be an important issue when a home owner starts shopping for carpet. Active households require special attention when selecting the right carpet to last. Dense carpet holds up better in heavy traffic areas like stairs and hallways. Nylon is the best performing carpet fiber when it comes to durability. There are a wide variety of dense nylon carpets made to last in even the most abusive environment.

What makes a Durable Carpet ?
• Construction
• Density
• Fiber
• Twist
• Denure
• Pile Height
• Pad
• Installation
• Cleaning
• Maintenance


Healthy Carpet

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Healthy Carpet makes a healthy home. Everyone knows that carpet gets dirty, but when was the last time you had your carpet professionally cleaned? Technologies in making carpet healthy for those sensitive to allergens has become a growing trend in carpet manufacturing. Anit-microbial treatments for carpet are now readily available, and many carpet styles feature the benefit of having these anti-microbial treatments added to the carpet during the manufacturing process


Carpet Construction

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Carpet Construction determines a lot about how your carpet will look, feel, and perform. There are a lot of terms used to describe a carpets construction. Loop pile, cut pile, cut loop, twist, denure, face weight, total weight, ounce weight, pile height, stitch rate, and denure are just a few carpet construction terms. Click the heading for a detailed description of a variety of carpet terms used to describe the construction of carpets.


Cleaning Carpet

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Cleaning Carpet is important to maintain its beauty. Weekly vacuuming is great, and an occasional steaming will do your carpet good. However, carpet manufacturers have almost unanimously decided that your carpet must be professionally cleaned every 6 months to maintain its warranties. In the event that you submit a stain or performance claim to the manufacturer of your carpet, you may be required to provide proof of regular cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner. Click the heading for more information about keeping your carpet clean.


Buying Carpet

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Buying Carpet is not as difficult as you may first think. Although there are some important things you should know and do, buying carpet can give you long term satisfaction if done right. We will walk you through each step of buying your carpet to make your purchase as care free and rewarding as you could ever imagine. Click the buying carpet heading for a professional step by step guide to buying carpet.

Guide to Carpet Shopping & Buying Carpet
• Preparing to shop for Carpet
• Where can I shop for Carpet ?
• What type of carpet should I buy ?
• What color carpet is best ?
• What price carpet can I afford ?
• Where can I get the best price on carpet ?
• How do I find a good carpet installer ?
• When should I order my carpet ?
• What is the best carpet ?


Carpet Prices

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Carpet Prices vary widely across the nation. There are a variety of marketing schemes that can often confuse the consumer into spending way too much for their carpet. Of course, you can't beat buying your carpet at wholesale discount carpet prices from Caldwell Carpet, but if you are shopping locally, you should be aware of the various ways your local carpet stores are pricing the carpets you want to buy. Click the Carpet Prices heading for a detailed analysis of the various carpet pricing schemes you will find locally.


Carpet Installers

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Carpet Installers are famous for being like any other general contractor. Let us help you find the perfect installer for the carpet you buy. Having sold carpet installation supplies for over 30 years, we know carpet installers better than most, and can give you some great advice when it comes to selecting the carpet installer that will do the best work for you in your home.