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Bolyu Relay Contract Carpet

Wholesale / Discount Bolyu Relay Contract Carpet

Bolyu Contract Carpet

You can buy Bolyu Relay Contract Carpet at Wholesale / Discount Bolyu Carpet Prices from Caldwell Carpet. Bolyu Relay is a dense loop pile carpet that will look great in any commercial setting. Relay, by Bolyu Carpet, is made of Solution Dyed Nylon, which means this carpet is durable and stain resistant. This Bolyu Contract Carpet comes in 12 foot wide rolls and 16 color options. Relay Carpet is available in 2 different ounce weights.

Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY01 Wicker
RLY01 Wicker
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY02 Heather
RLY02 Heather
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY03 Mineral Gray
RLY03 Mineral Gray
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY04 Amber Ash
RLY04 Amber Ash
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY05 Canyon
RLY05 Canyon
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY06 Fall Foliage
RLY06 Fall Foliage
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY07 Painted Desert
RLY07 Painted Desert
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY08 Greenhouse
RLY08 Greenhouse
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY09 Niagara
RLY09 Niagara
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY10 Glacier Blue
RLY10 Glacier Blue
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY11 Teal Slate
RLY11 Teal Slate
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY12 Water Color
RLY12 Water Color
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY13 Stepping Stone
RLY13 Stepping Stone
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY14 Ember Glow
RLY14 Ember Glow
Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY15 Night Sky
RLY15 Night Sky
  Bolyu Relay Carpet - RLY16 Cordovan
RLY16 Cordovan

6RLY Relay Carpet

26oz. Solution Dyed Nylon
1/8 Gauge - 7.3 Stitches Per Inch
Average Density: 8283

RLY28 Relay 28 Carpet

28oz. Solution Dyed Nylon
1/8 Gauge - 7.8 Stitches Per Inch
Average Density: 6811

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12 ft. Wide Broadloom
Contract Commercial Carpet

10 Year Wear Warranty
Lifetime Stain, Soil, and Colorfast Warranties
Eligible For LEED Credit