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Custom Carpet

Create Your Own Carpet Design

Add a one of a kind look to your home with Custom Carpet. Caldwell Carpet can put any pattern on any piece of carpet, we are only limited by your imagination, we can even create Wool Custom Carpets. All you have to do is send us a drawing of the carpet pattern and the details of the fiber and we will take care of the rest. We take pride in the workmanship that we offer when creating your custom carpet, so you can be sure it will be made to your specifications. Below are some of the custom designs we display, but we can make any type of Custom Carpet you desire. Caldwell Carpet has the lowest Custom Carpet Prices available.

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Custom Carpet Pattern - 01
Custom Carpet Pattern - 02
Custom Carpet Pattern - 03
Custom Carpet Pattern - 04
Custom Carpet Pattern - 05
Custom Carpet Pattern - 06
Custom Carpet Pattern - 07
Custom Carpet Pattern - 08
Custom Carpet Pattern - 09
Custom Carpet Pattern - 10
Custom Carpet Pattern - 14
Custom Carpet Pattern - CP3600560055
Custom Carpet Pattern - CP3600560057
Custom Carpet Pattern - CP3600560058
Custom Carpet Pattern - CP3600560059

The picture listed below shows the same pattern with two different pattern repeats. The sample on the left features a larger pattern repeat than the one on the right. Caldwell carpet can custom make all types of patterns with designs as large or small as you require.

Custom Plaid Carpets

We Can Also Make Any Carpet Into A Custom Area Rug

Custom Designer Rugs
Custom Rugs

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Custom Border Rugs
Custom Border Rugs

Create Your Own
Custom Designer Rugs
Custom Designer Rugs

Create Your Own
Sisal Border Rugs
Sisal Border Rugs

Natural Fiber

Here is a custom carpet we produced duplicating a 100+ year old woven carpet pattern. The customer sent us a piece of their existing carpet, and we remade their pattern in solution dyed nylon. This tufted nylon custom carpet was made 15 feet wide to limit the seams in a large open room. This project was completed with unanimous approval from a group of over 400 people.

Custom Carpet Pattern - Before
Custom Carpet Pattern - After