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Design Materials Carpet

Buy Design Materials Carpet from Caldwell Carpet at Wholesale / Discount Carpet Prices. Design Materials, Inc is a manufacturer of naturally made carpets and flooring. Wool, Sisal, Reed, and Jute carpets are just a few of the products they produce. Designers absolutely love natural carpets because of their unique textures and colors. Design Materials are adored inside and out for their durability in high traffic areas and maintenance. Anyone can buy Design Materials carpets at Wholesale / Discount Design Materials Carpet Prices well below retail carpet prices. To buy Design Materials at Wholesale / Discount Prices just shop local carpet stores and pick out the carpet you want, then contact us with the details. Caldwell Carpet will get you the same piece of Design Materials carpet at a fraction of the local retail carpet store prices.

Call 800-772-7090 with Your Carpet Questions and Concerns.

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