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We have been installiing gym floor carpets for over 20 years. Gym Floor Carpets come in a variety of looks and constructions. We can customize your gym floor carpet in a variety of ways to give your gym a unique style. You can choose the color of the floor as well as the lines. You can also choose to have your logo, school or church name, as well as any writing that you have in mind inlayed into your gym court for a very unique design that will give your school or church something everyone will enjoy and appreciate. Every gym floor is different, and therefore they need different types of gym floor carpet. Whether you have a small half court gym floor used on the weekends, or a full size gym with daily activity. We can help you find the perfect carpet for your gym floor. We also have wall carpets to cut down on the noise in your gym. Our gym floor carpets are tried and true. They offer excellent durability and log lasting beauty. They are all made from solution dyed fibers giving them suprior stain resistance and excellent cleanability. Whether your gym floor needs something economical to cover the floor, or something extravagant to give it that WOW factor you want in your gym floor. We can help you find the perfect gym floor carpet for your gym floor. The Gym Floor Carpets you find here are just examples of the many types of gym floor carpets available. If have a specific gym floor carpet that you are going to purchase, we will be happy to give you a wholesale quote on that specific gym floor carpet. Just give us a call or email with the specific carpet information, and we will quote that exact flooring. We offer gym floor carpets with or without installation. Give us a call to discuss your gym floor needs.