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Stainmaster Nylon Carpet Fiber

Stainmaster Nylon Carpet Fiber Information

Stainmaster Carpet

Stainmaster Nylon Carpet is an extremely durable and easy to maintain carpet option that is made to last in any high traffic homes. Stainmaster Carpet is so durable and long lasting that it can last up to 50% longer than any other type of carpet on the market. Stainmaster Nylon Carpet will look great because it is made to bounce back when walked on.

Stainmaster TruSoft Nylon Carpet Fiber

Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet is the softest Stainmaster carpet available. Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet is made to resist most floor and beverage stains. TruSoft has LotusFX Fiber Shield which dramatically increases the cleanability of the carpet. TruSoft Carpet is extremely durable, because it resists abrasive wear and is made to retain its original appearance. Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet is backed by a many lifetime warranties.

Stainmaster SolarMax Nylon Carpet Fiber

Stainmaster Solarmax Carpet is made with inherent stain resistance, exceptional fade resistance and excellent color fastness, and is made to be extremely soft to the touch. SolarMax is made to look great from the time it is installed, Stainmaster guarantees this with a limited lifetime stain and soil warranty plus a 25-year fade warranty.

Stainmaster Luxerell Nylon Carpet Fiber

Stainmaster Luxerell Carpet feels amazing and is an amazingly durable option that will look great and wear well in any home. Luxerell is made using extremely fine denier fibers that take the comfort and luxury in Stainmaster carpets to a whole new level.

Stainmaster Tactesse Nylon Carpet Fiber

Stainmaster Tactesse Carpet is made using fine filaments, which adds a unique feel underfoot. Stainmaster Tactesse fiber is beautiful thanks to both the unique cross-section of the fiber and delustering additives within the nylon itself. Tactesse carpets last longer because the individual fiber cross-section has been altered to obtain a tighter, more densely packed fiber bundle with fewer air pockets, Which increases resistance to matting and crushing.

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